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About Skin Esteem

Skin Esteem is a story of self-love. I think if you love yourself and take care of yourself, everything else will find itself falling into place. Until you value yourself, you won’t value your time, and if you don’t value your time, you won’t do anything with it. 


Being a millennial, I’ve experienced first-hand the destructive effects of insecurity because of comparing oneself to those we see on social media. Too many people overvalue what they aren’t and undervalue what they are. So, Skin Esteem is about the girl who overcame everything that was meant to destroy her. It’s about being confident in yourself and giving the woman in the mirror the self-love she deserves. And allowing the ripples of that self-esteem to pour into all other aspects of your life. 


I launched Skin Esteem because I believe you deserve your own love and affection as much as everyone else. I’ve put everything in me to launch this line of self-care products that are meant to enhance your natural beauty. 



Here at Skin Esteem, we are committed to women empowerment. A confident woman, who is truly comfortable in her own skin, is an unstoppable force of nature. Join our movement #esteemaesthetics. 



Self care, self love, self confidence, self esteem. Skin Esteem.

Dr. Razan E. Khalaf

Lingerie Model

Our Vision

We aspire for women to own that influential "Skin Esteem" that that enables them to be powerful influencers in the shaping of our future.

Our Mission

We want you to look your most radiant, confident self. To feel ready to conquer your goals. We strive to help women of all ages and backgrounds, shapes and sizes.

We believe that education and confidence is the most powerful tool to make that happen. To support its vision, Skin Esteem donates 15% of all profits to further higher education for young girls.

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